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We’re a Cape Coral-based supplement packaging company, specializing in supplement powder and capsule packaging. We offer quality supplement packaging and bottling solutions for U.S. companies and ones abroad. We fulfill any size order as needed by our customers.

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Your Quality Supplement Bottling Provider

Your product is only as good as its bottling presentation, which is where our quality bottling process, design and technique come into the picture. Improper product presentation can greatly hurt your product success. Our turnkey bottling, design and promotional packages are design to attract the desired attention that your products deserve. Each and every process deserves attention and consideration, ensuring it is positioned for success once it hits the market. As a supplement bottling company, we adhere to strict FDA packaging guidelines so your consumers can rest assured that specifications are met with top quality. Best of all, we work directly with design professionals to make sure your labels are in total regulatory compliance. Your success is our priority.

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We’re here to help you with short or low runs, as well as few or many SKUs.

We are the one-stop-supplement-packaging shop that guarantees vibrancy, efficiency, effectiveness and quality in our finished supplement manufacturing process.
When getting started, peruse our range of materials, custom inks, box designing, encapsulation services, and printing availabilities for unique requirements. There is no labeling or nutraceutical packaging project we aren’t prepared to support.

Your Quality Supplement Bottling Partner

Quality and seamless production guaranteed in every capsule. During our years of industry experience as a supplement bottling and packaging company, have provided value through manufacturing services while improving your supply chain and accelerating product time to market. We promise reduced lead times and over decades of combined experience working with our network of custom print label developers, identifying what works to differentiate your nutraceutical bottle. Located in Cape Coral, Florida, we’re a premiere supplement co-packing, bottling and white labeling service company that’s ready to meet your packaging needs.

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What are your design capabilities?
We design everything from labels, logos, box designs and all promotional material. We are a turnkey solution to meet your quality bottling, packaging and marketing needs.

How do I know if my label is compliant?
Our labels are designed around FDA regulations and are fully compliant. We partner with an FDA law firm which can, at your request, review the label to confirm its adherence to the regulations.

What do we specialize in?
We specialize in quality nutraceutical and supplement packaging.

Do you work with liquid supplements?
Although we currently do not service liquid solutions, please contact us regarding your needs as we expect to be adding this service to our packaging offer soon.

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Let us make your packaging dream a reality.

We want to hear from you. If you have any questions about producing a nutraceutical, shipping and bottling, labeling or our future capabilities, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Email us below.